Morgan Freeman Inspiration

The past  week I reported that the end was in sight and that was the week to learn about it all. The doctor reported that the blood work is clear and I’m scheduled for an outpatient surgery on the 11th to have my port removed. The PET scan is scheduled for December 21st to allow the effects of radiation to heal up. If that comes back clear, I’ll be down to quarterly cat scans and a PET scan a year.

Really though last week was more than a doctors appointment. Monday I got to see my son play football and really enjoy it. The smile on his face after the game was worth the fight I recently undertook. I also celebrated my 43rd year of life on this earth and was able to work 40 hours and not die doing it. I find some energy in these old bones.

Morgan Freeman once said “get busy living or get busy dying.” I’ve decided the former is better and intend to do my best. I will update you along the way.


Thank you and God bless.

Much Love





One thought on “Morgan Freeman Inspiration

  1. Praise God!! And awesome job Jeff! Your fight truly amazes me. Can u imagine how awesome our world would be if people all just had the gumption to fight for what’s right each day with half as much as what u put in? Wow! I’ve learned thru you that no matter how bad things seem, believe in the best and u won’t be let down. Thank you Jeff. I love you!!!


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