The End is Nigh

This upcoming week is THE week. The week that my blood work gets checked to ensure nothing funky is going on. The week that I finish my final 4 radiation treatments. The week that they schedule another PET scan and hopefully find nothing. After that the final step is an outpatient surgery to get my port out. Seriously. This is THE week. The end of treatments, no more chemo, no more radiation. I am stoked.

I know I might be getting a little bit out ahead of myself, but the concept of there being an end with my coming out of this well didn’t exist in May. At that time one surgeon referred me to an oncologist because they had found lymphoma. The oncologist told me it was an extremely aggressive and rare form of lymphoma. I hadn’t even started treatment at that time but I felt sick immediately. I was poked and prodded, operated on, had toxic chemicals put inside me  and then finally 17 days of radiation on my neck.

All of the aforementioned treatments  have changed my physical landscape for sure. Most of my hair is gone, but it will grow back. Inactivity has led to muscle loss and some fat gain but that will be remedied as I get myself around. There are now scars. Those will remain to remind me what I can take and that all things shall pass.

All I’m saying is praise the lord, it’s almost over.

Thanks for your support,

Much Love



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