How I’m Doing and What I’ve Learned From It

For starters, I’m mostly doing well. Two things have come out of radiation: A nagging sore throat that totally has erased any hope of hitting the high notes (like there was a chance anyway) and some crazy fatigue. The sore throat is a nuisance but not a deal killer. The fatigue is. I’ve never felt so damned tired in my life. I’ve learned that I am not ready for a full 40 hours and work has kept their word regarding my return and has made that accommodation.  In all seriousness, they’ve been supportive and just overall great.

That’s my work update. Now’s time for my medical update. I’m halfway through the radiation therapy treatments which should end around the 21st. After that, a PET scan and hopefully an all clear. Once that happens I’ll have a minor surgery to remove my port and a cardio visit in October to assess the damage the treatments have had on my ticker.

Overall I’m doing fine. Hair’s starter to regrow in splotches and besides the fatigue I’m starting to feel like me again. I’ll shout back when I know some more.

Much Love



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