I Am Overcome

I am overcome. Overcome with relief, with joy, with satisfaction, with confidence and with gratitude.

I got my test results back today. They found no cancer. None! I have approximately 17 radiation treatments as a precautionary measure and then I am done with treatment. Done! With all luck I’ll be back to work next week.

Let me say that this journey has been unpleasant. I had my ups and my downs but the one thing I never felt was alone. I could not have done this alone so I proclaim this a victory for all that have supported me during these tough times. At this moment I feel like Tom Cruise pronouncing he is in love on the Oprah Winfrey show shouting and screaming “we beat cancer,” because, we did.

To all that were with me, who gave me words of wisdom and encouragement when I was down, who helped us through this financially, or who simply made it a point to check in on me, thank you. Without you I would not have been able to do this. There’s an old saying that you find out who your friends are when times are tough. I have found that out for sure.

God bless you. We did it!

Much love and thanks,



2 thoughts on “I Am Overcome

  1. That’s awesome news Jeff! So so happy for you and your family! You kicked cancers ass, so as they say, great minds think alike. Well, not to toot my own horn, but u & i are 2/2 for kicking it’s ass!!! Yes! Love you Jeff. Wisjlh u many more years of love & laughter!


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