I want some miles

I figured it was time for an update since I started radiation.┬áIt's been almost 4 months since I started treatment and I am tired. Really tired. I can't seem to get enough sleep, due to insomnia or whatever, to make the fatigue go away. My neck hurts, my limbs are heavy and feel like they're … Continue reading I want some miles


The Storm

When I first found out about the big C, I fell into a pit of despair. The pity questions were endless: Why me? Why does everything bad happen to me? Needless to say that did no good. Eventually, I wound up looking up inspirational quotes to help me get through. I will say that the … Continue reading The Storm

I Am Overcome

I am overcome. Overcome with relief, with joy, with satisfaction, with confidence and with gratitude. I got my test results back today. They found no cancer. None! I have approximately 17 radiation treatments as a precautionary measure and then I am done with treatment. Done! With all luck I'll be back to work next week. … Continue reading I Am Overcome

C-Day +43

I chose the title because it's 43 days since my first chemo treatment. It's also the first day of the last cycle. On August 14th I take a PET scan and on the 21st I discuss with my wonderful doctor the results and plan of action. I wrote this blog to discuss what chemo has … Continue reading C-Day +43