Bald is beautiful…and I won’t forget it.

Greetings. I can possibly say that I do not believe I have ever slept as long and as hard as I have done today in my entire life. Which is kind of odd because it’s usually day 6 after chemo that comes the crash. This is because for 5 days I must take 100 mg of Prednisone which is not conducive to sleep or sanity. Today was the last day and I spent the majority of it in bed. Not feeling bad but not feeling great. I’ll take it.

I’m hoping that the fatigue is out of my system tomorrow and I can get busy living again. All in all fewer side effects this time around without the Neulasta injection. Some bone pain, but hey I’m 42 who doesn’t have aches? Monday is judgement day. After next Monday I will get an inkling as to how my body handled the chemo in regards to my white blood cell counts. If all is well the 3rd round, PET scan, hopefully a release to return to work, and some radiation along the way. If not, we adjust, keep pushing forward and keep kicking. Truth is I’m halfway through it and feeling better by the day.

One decision I’ve made is that I’ve decided I’m going to keep rocking the bald look. I feel once I get some facial hair growth ability back it will rock like Woodstock. That and it will serve as a great reminder that whatever is thrown in my path, I can overcome it.

I have been blessed with so much support that I cannot even begin to thank all of you equal to the care and consideration you have given to me and my family.

I’m in round 6 of this fight, I thank you for being in my corner, and look forward to you being there when I hold my hands high in victory.


Much love



One thought on “Bald is beautiful…and I won’t forget it.

  1. Amen to raising those hands in victory!!! That’s the only choice in this case. Praying for you thru your journey, and admiring your great strength as well! Love ya buddy!


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