Some Observations About Hair Loss

I try to remember way back to when my mom was going through chemo to see what lessons I could garner from her experience. The sad truth is I didn’t notice much. It seemed like one day she had long beautiful dark brown hair and the next day she was in a blonde wig. I do remember she got a kick out of being able to change styles and color seamlessly, but I ain’t that guy. I plan on letting the whole world see what happens in the hopes that a subtle reminder that cancer is out there and is still a mean bitch will jar one person to some more action.  The truth is she was strong enough to hide it so it wouldn’t cause others discomfort or worry. Again, I ain’t that guy.

The guy I am, though, is the one who can laugh it off until I start crying and then laugh that off. What can I say, it’s therapeutic. So here are some odd observations I noticed abut my hair loss.

  • I was bummed when my hair started falling on the top. It was thick and started thinning rapidly. Seriously,  I could pluck seamlessly any amount of hair I wanted out of my head painlessly. After I could no longer blame the dogs for the mass amounts of hair I shaved it to the skin with clippers. Guess what? The stubble falls out too! Every time I shower and dry my head my towel looks like I shaved with clippers. And what’s worse, it doesn’t go at once, so I got real solid blotches of no hair and solid blotches of hair. I AM THE LIZARD KING!!!!
  • I reached up to inquisitively play with my chin hair today. It fell out. I shaved it and I feel less smart already.
  • My freaking eyelashes are falling out. This is irritating my eyes so it’s like I’m constantly crying, but I’m not. I got freaking eye lashes in my eyes.
  • Did I mention my eye lashes were falling out? That wouldn’t be so bad but you figured the 4 inch rogue hair that has super Rogaine power that up and decided to grow on my right back shoulder would have went first. Hell no. It’s got super strength. It reminds me of Superman 3 when they have one of Superman’s hair holding a giant one ton weight. One day I’ll bust out the chain saw and cut it down and harness its strength.

I hope this adds some levity to your day. I’m feeling good and the second round begins Thursday. I laugh through the good times, try to make the best out of the bad times, and keep moving forward.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Much love,



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