Strangers teach the best lessons

I have spent a lot of time talking about good moments and bad moments but I plan to dispense with that. My message today is about a 15 second interaction with a stranger that I have never even spoke to. I looked her in the eye, I nodded my head (all macho like, right?) and moved on. Truth is I physically moved rooms but this woman still has never left my mind.

Here’s the background: I had an appointment to draw blood (everything’s good) and to see the nurse practitioner at the Cancer Center. As I walked to the elevator to go downstairs this woman crossed my path. Her face was weary due to the fight. Her hair was gone because of the fight. None of that mattered. It was her eyes. Her eyes screamed “I am alive!!!!” Truth is I hope I never forget the look in her eyes. It was youth, struggle, achievement and triumph wrapped up into one expression. It was awe inspiring and I am humbled by just witnessing a quick glimpse from the perspective of a passer by.

Truth is yesterday was bad, today was better, and I am alive.

Much Love,



One thought on “Strangers teach the best lessons

  1. It’s awesome!!! It’s also amazing what things we see that we didn’t necessarily notice before, when certain illnesses strike! Stay positive. Stay strong! Love you!


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