A Deep Pain

Hello friends, I’m sorry but this is one of those OMG I’m whining blogs. I can’t muster a smile right now. I am enveloped by a deep pain that is hitting the sciatica and right down the thigh. It is almost making me vomit and nothing seems to help. The headache is here (but not quite as intense) and this evil pain woke me up about 1 AM. I have tried muscle relaxers, I have tried ibuprofen, and I have tried neuropathy medication. Nothing touches it. Again I assume it is the Neulasta revving up my bone marrow to create white blood cells.  Point is this sucks. I feel if I can gain the energy and stop the pain long enough I can function but it is a continuous loop of set backs. Quite frankly, it’s pissing me off.

Bright side: son made me lunch, Spudsy by my side.

Not so bright side: I’d rather be having a root canal right now.

Sorry about the sad sack. That’s all I got.

Much love



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