17 Hours within myself

Yesterday was sort of a milestone. First day since treatment since I did not have to have Prednisone. Not a giant step, but a step nonetheless. It was also the 4th day of a major migraine. Finally, I said enough is enough and called the Oncologist. They were concerned with my cardiac history and wanted me to get an EKG. I called my wife, because I do not feel confident enough to drive such distances and she drove me to the Urgent Care. After some time they directed me to the emergency room.

We arrived at the Freeman Hospital ER about noon. Immediately blood was drawn, EKG was performed, CAT scan done and fluids to help with the migraine were started. The results: I indeed had a migraine, the fluids helped, heart was still there (it grew 3 sizes that day, lol) and I SLEPT LIKE A BEAR HIBERNATING. Seriously, from the time I arrived and they gave me fluids until 5am on Wednesday I have slept. When I did the CAT I was asleep. When I was on the way home I was fighting sleep. The entire time I was home I was asleep. I’m thinking of changing my name to Rip Van Winkle.

They noted that my blood counts were good except my TSH was high and want me to follow up with my neurologist about the migraines and have my thyroid levels checked again. However, right now I feel rested. Puppy on my knee, wife on my side. I almost feel normal.

Point is I had to escape the world for a minute and I hope you all took care of it for me. For 17 hours I needed to hide so I could rejuvenate, retool and rest. Now I’m ready to get back to the business of kicking ass.

Much love



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