Tiny specks of good

So I wrote yesterday about appreciating the moments. There were some absolutely magnificent ones today that I would like to share.

Let’s start with my dog, Spuds. Spuds is an amazing friend and he will not leave my side. He is not one of those clingy dogs that doesn’t give you an inch of space but he has made it a point to not lose eye sight with me. He lies down next to me when I sleep and is there first thing when I wake up. He reminds me that there’s more than just lying around and when I get up he initiates play time to get me going. He’s like Mick from Rocky subliminally shouting at me with his gruff (imagined) chihuahua voice, “I didn’t hear no bell. Get up you son of a bitch cause Spudsy loves you.” It inspires me. It lifts me. It’s an old friend returning a favor. See two years ago Spuds got Parvo. I did not have the money to afford the treatment so we (my son and I) maintained a hard core regimen of waking every two hours and syringe feeding him Pedialyte and force feeding him anti-nausea medication. Obviously, it worked. He’s still here and his doc gave him a whole worse prognosis than mine gave me. I believe he realized I love him and now he’s reminding me that he loves me too.

Next, a glimpse of normality. There’s a light summer storm going on outside. I heard the thunder and the little shower pattering against the windows. Suddenly, I felt inspired. I grabbed an ice cold beer (that I managed 2 sips of) and sat on the front porch and just basked in it. The cool breeze, the light shower, and the peaceful tranquility. Heaven! What made it even better was I got to enjoy a fresh from the garden cucumber that was delivered to me from my Dad and his significant other on Saturday. It made Heaven that much better.

Finally, my wife and my son. Two of the greatest people I’ve ever met. My wife does everything she can to help me, to push me, to encourage me to try and then encourage me to get up when I fall. She is my rock and I cannot imagine going through this without her. Just the simple fact she will lie down next to me, after working all day and listen to my politics shows (she does not like politics) tell you how much she loves me. Then you have my son. If you haven’t met him I will describe him. He’s me, but more talented. He’s fearless in his beliefs, compassionate in his actions, and has a heart made of gold. Virtually every hour he is asking if there is anything I need (glass of water, crackers, etc), gives me a bro-hug and disappears.

So that’s what today was. It was an accumulation of those little tiny specks of good. To me, that my friends, add up to a good day.


One thought on “Tiny specks of good

  1. Sounds like a super great day, Jeff! Really, it is just all those lil things that mean more than anything! Keep strong & stay positive. Love ya!


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