A Good Day

I went to bed last night with horrors on my mind. I fully expected to be purple and blue in agonizing pain with half of my hair missing and my teeth falling out when I awoke the next day. I was not disappointed.

I was not disappointed because today was a good day. I slept peacefully in my bed. I woke up somewhat refreshed and not expecting it. Little bit of a headache, little groggy, but nothing that I expected. I can actually feel the lump in my throat dissipating already. Medication took care of my woes. Ate some dinner, drank an enormous amount of Gatorade and water (and even sipped a beer with my honey on the porch during the sunset).

I felt like I was in recovery, no more unknowns. I know what I’m dealing with. I looked it in the eye, I took my punches and I am keeping on moving forward.

Much Love



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