Healing Day One–Eve

I’m going to keep this short as I have to get some sleep because tomorrow is healing day one. I woke up bright and early this morning and headed to Freeman Hospital for the installation of my infusaport. For those that don’t know the definition of an infusaport is “a small device which is utilized to deliver medications directly into the patient’s bloodstream. For patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, an infusaport insertion procedure may be part of their treatment.” It’s basically a port that is under my skin that they will use to deliver the meds and not have to worry about blowing out a vein. A couple of things I learned from this procedure are:  I was one sore s.o.b. post op. Thank God for pain medication; It looks like a giant gerbil bit my right breast and not any sort of medical port; and it is not pleasant to heart the nurse ask about your sleep apnea after you wake up (especially when you didn’t know you had sleep apnea).

All in all, I’m fine. I’m sore and looking forward to tomorrow. As I said it’s HHeealing Day One.  Thanks for the love and I’ll fill you in how tomorrow went then.

Much Love



One thought on “Healing Day One–Eve

  1. After you get some rest, plz get ahold of us. Wed really love to talk to you about a benefit. Even if only for 10-15 minutes. Wel keep it short cuz I know how tired it makes a person! We love ya!
    Misty & Brad


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