Adventures in chemotherapy

I just got back from my 1st round of chemo. It was no walk in the park. I just had to muscle down and get it done, so with the most serious and concerned look on my face I explained to the doc that anti-anxiety meds were left at the house on accident and begged her for mercy on my soul. She responded with adding an anti-anxiety medication at the first of each treatment because it went so well.

Truth is I did a whole lot of sleeping and dreaming, however, my dreaming parts were played out for the whole room to see. From what I gathered i had long conversations during sleepy time and ate a lot of food. This is good because I have no appetite nor any energy. I believe my saving grace is the 100 mg of predisone that’ll have my bouncing like a bunny. All and I all I made it through day 1 of treatment and for that i am greatful and blessed….and oh so tired!


Much Love



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