Guess who’s back…

Greetings and salutations. So here’s the deal:  I’ve been hiding. Not because I don’t love you all, but because I had to sort some stuff out. The Houston trip was exhausting.


My wife and I had some fun on the way home,  but mostly this trip was draining. Many miles, a short time and not much rest. To top that off anxiety was whipping my ass like I stole something. Houston: Not my jam.

On Wednesday, the doctor appointments began again. Gave some blood and talked to the doc. I have to tell you, my doctor is supremely awesome. When I went to MD Anderson I felt like a number. I saw my doc two times in the last month. She recognized me in the waiting room. I could go all night about how exceptional she is and how she takes what I interpret to be the silliest little things to heart.

Today was spent fixing work paperwork and chemo education class. A couple of notes about chemo education: I learned that this stuff is gonna make me pee red, I’m going to lose my hair, get sick and the prednisone is going to have me bouncing off the walls. Oh and better yet, one of the side effects is the potential for cancer? Good times.

From this Friday until the next, it will begin to feel real. We’re going to take some time to relax this weekend and might do some camping. The rest of the week is doctor’s appointments, on Wednesday I have surgery to have a infusaport put in and Chemo starts on Thursday.

Pretty uneventful week this week. I did stop by work a couple of times and saw some dearly missed faces but mostly spent my time sleeping and resting. I did found time to smoke a pork butt and some chicken (I thought they turned out good).

As we move further along I’ll update more. Thanks for following and I will talk to everyone soon.

Much Love,



3 thoughts on “Guess who’s back…

  1. Get all the rest and relaxation time you can this week. Once the chemo begins, life won’t feel the same in any way. Not saying that to upset you in any way, but it’s the truth. You’re in so many prayers thru your journey tho, Gods got you covered! Hang in there Jeff! We all love ya!


  2. Well….a bit of rest before the battle begins. Appropriate. I’m glad you will be able to do this on home ground. Always best …you have home advantage. Sounds like the game plan is a good one. You know what to expect from the sound of it. By the way….I do have a very black wig that I wore for Halloween one time….but it may be too long for you. You may want to go with a lighter shade…I was a vampiress and long and black was appropriate for that scenario. Not sure it would work for you. But just in case….it’s available. No charge. We send prayers and good thoughts your way every day. I do believe you have this one on the run Jeff. Peace and love from an old dippy hippie. Hippie dippy? Whatever. Git ‘er done!


  3. I appreciate the offer. Once I go bald I will proudly go forth bald. There is no shame in my condition as I fight to survive. Plus it might give someone an opportunity to notice that cancer is still here. I will wear that as a badge.


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