Complaints: Don’t read if you don’t like whining.

Let me start by saying today was definitely the least pleasureful day I’ve had since arriving in Houston.

I started by having a bone marrow biopsy. For those who are not familiar with the process I will explain. It starts with you pulling pants down mid butt cheek. Next, they take Lidocaine and inject it, then again deeper, and then again to the bone. It burns but not too bad. Next they take a giant needle and poke your bone and remove fluid. Then they remove some bone sample as well. Overall, not bad, until it was over. I stood up and got oh so woozy. After some debate, they eventually got my wife and decided to take me to the emergency center to get some IV fluids. The emergency center was on the first floor, the nurse got off on the second floor. We literally scoured the second floor oblivious for 30 minutes and finally realized this. On the bright side, when I made it to the center I had drank enough water that I did not have to be admitted.

Next was the 1 hour wait for my echo cardiogram to determine the severity of my aortic aneurysm. I got back there, finally, and after what seemed like an eternity it was determined that due to scarring from my open heart surgery they had to inject a dye. This too made me woozy, but all was well, because all my tests were over.

So then we go out to wait on our trolley. It was 45 minutes late. This is when I realized that big city living isn’t for me, 2.4 million people ain’t my jam, and I am so ready to get out of here.

Point is, we’re heading out tomorrow. We’re making a stop halfway and I’m going to spend some time with my wife so we’ll be off the grid. I apologize for being so grumpy but I have an aching behind, anxiety through the roof, and am seriously hating this little closet we’re staying in.

I appreciate everyone’s support. I’m taking my red ass to bed.

Much love.



PS. Becca smacked my butt and it made me cry!!!


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