Houston….I’m home

Well we made it. I’ll be honest, my appreciation for the pretty pretty scenery greatly diminished after the second day in the car. In my opinion, Joplin to Shreveport>Shreveport to Houston.

A couple of observations: My wife has the patience of a saint….A SAINT I TELL YOU! When we got into traffic around Houston, I almost needed an oxygen mask. We’re talking full on anxiety attacks here. She remained composed and brought out just enough crazy to successfully navigate the traffic. Another observation is that our little hotel room is smaller than the size of our bedroom. I passed gas earlier and we had to go outside. Seriously, no escape. My final observation is that I miss my children and I miss my puppies. All but my son are on their own and they live great lives, but I got to give kudos to Trenton. He sounds 25 when I talk to him. I’m so proud of him and all my children. They are amazing. Also, shout out to those who are keeping tabs on him and helping me take care of business in my absence. You guys (and you know who you are) have lifted a big load off of my shoulders.

Tomorrow, is the big day. I meet my treating physician and kick this fiesta off. This stuff ain’t got a prayer. I look forward to giving an update then.

Much love,



One thought on “Houston….I’m home

  1. So glad your wifeys got patience like that! She sounds like an awesome woman! You hang in there and stay tough! Hoping to catch up to you when you’re home!


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